Is Overseas Visitors Insurance crucial to travel around the world?

As the world is becoming smaller due to progress in technology, with communication and knowledge; things are becoming simpler to access. People make international travel trips as a way to relieve themselves of the pressures of life due to various reasons. Some travel for work, while others travel to explore a new place or meet their loved ones. What happens if you become unwell or need to be hospitalized while you are traveling abroad? This is where Overseas Visitors’ insurance appears in the picture. With international travel trips rising these days, it is extremely important to buy an Overseas Visitors’ health insurance 

Healthcare is becoming notably expensive all over the world, therefore, it becomes especially essential while we travel. Overseas visitors’ health insurance primarily provides emergency medical coverage for unforeseen sickness injuries or accidents that may occur during traveling. This Overseas Visitor’s insurance can give you an array of advantages that are otherwise denied to most travelers. This includes access to quality health care services and professionals, overseas hospital coverage. Unlike coverage of the replacement cost of lost luggage/s, travel documents like passport, visas, and personal belongings, which are generally part of the Travel insurance package, Health insurance works only for issues related to your health and guarantees complete peace of mind for the person traveling once they have issues with anything related to their health. For students travelling to Australia, they should have the appropriate Overseas Student Health Cover.

If you are planning to work in Australia, getting a relevant level of health insurance may be a condition for your visa so that in case you fall sick or have an uneventful accident while you are in Australia, this plan will help pay your medical expenses. If you’re touring Australia as a traveler, an overseas visitors’ insurance allows you to have more delightful things to think about than how you’re going to pay for the expense of healthcare if you get sick or have an accident. The overseas visitors’ insurance acts like traditional patterns, the only variation being that it is mobile while others are location-based. In other words, you can travel without any worries knowing that your health will be taken care of even if you are not in your home country and might not get a shock to find yourself stuck with bills.   

Apart from meeting the visa requirement, repatriation coverage, and out-patient medical services coverage, you also get 100% emergency ambulance cover under this type of insurance. The Government of Australia has an agreement called Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) with countries like Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Finland, Malta, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, U.K., and Sweden This gives access to Medicare to visitors from these country countries, which means that an individual from these countries will have access to certain Medicare benefits while they visit Australia. However, there are several things that are not covered under this scheme, such as the ambulance services. If you belong to a country that is not listed in the above mentioned country’s name you will be charged for the doctors, ambulance and hospitalization. Thus, it becomes even more important that you have adequate health insurance.

Bupa’s working overseas visitor covers meets the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) health insurance requirements. If you have a Working visa like 457, 482, 485 Bupa’s Essential Visitors Cover will grant you pharmacy benefits of up to $300. You can also get a medium level of hospital and medical cover under this scheme. An added extra cover increases the benefits you get on each cover and this is optional and can be added along with the cover. 

If you are coming to Australia for holidays, to visit/see family and friends, or to attend a short business trip you will need to apply for an appropriate Australia Travel Visa – for example visiting visas like 600, 601 (depending upon the country of your origin).

Bupa’s standard visitors cover will also include annual pharmacy benefits of $300 , along with a medium level of hospital and medical cover. An added extra cover will increase the benefits onto one’s cover. (For example free dental check-ups for a platinum member and get 50% back at any authorized provider for most dental, optical, physio, chiro and natural therapies up to the yearly limit if you choose the Standard 50 or Essential 50 cover).

With such amazing benefits, Overseas Visitor’s health insurance is definitely going to stay and be crucial during your trips around the world and specially to Australia.

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