What is OSHC?

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) is a type of health insurance designed to assist international students so they can meet the cost of the medical treatment, while they are studying in Australia and might need it.

It is mandatory to have the OSHC, as per t he Australian government and all international students (exceptions apply to certain countries) must have their OSHC policy for the duration of their student visas.

It is important to have the right OSHC cover and for the proper duration as your visa depends on getting the dates correct. OSHC mostly pays part or full cost if you visit any doctors, need an ambulance, if you have to go to hospital and be treated as an inpatient or if you need to buy medical related pharmacy medicines.

Primarily, OSHC provides for payments up to the current Medical Benefits Schedule. Essentially, this means that international students receive similar medical cover to Australian residents under their OSHC policies. The cover is base-level cover only however, you can include things like Dental, Optical, Physio which are called Extras in your policy, if you need it.


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Is overseas student health insurance a must?

In Australia, there are two streams of medical landscape - one is the Australian Public Health system and another is the Private Health Insurance. Under the Public Health Care, you are provided free of charge treatments and assistance, but is limited to Australians citizens and PR's, and in some cases, other categories who are entitled to be on Medicare. Even though, these days, it is noted that some of the medical practitioners have priced there services above the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS), so there are some 'gap' payments, which might be required to be paid.

In the private system,  doctors essentially charge what the market demand and supply decides, and their services is usually better for the amount they charge. Having said that, for the most part, the private health system uses the same facilities as the public health system - in Australia going private is usually a choice related to access to medical personnel, rather than gaining access to medical facilities.

If your family is also coming with you, your spouse (husband or wife) and children must all be covered by OSHC cover. If you decide to come alone, then you don't need the OSHC cover for everyone, however, if they decide to join later, you have to convert your policy from Single to Couples, Single to Family or Couples to Family,  as the case may be.

You must have OSHC cover for the whole time you are here on a student visa or bridging visa, and you must prepay for OSHC cover for the length of your visa before you come to Australia. If you extend your visa, you must renew your OSHC policy.


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Are there any exceptions to needing an OSHC?

Yes, only for students of certain countries/nationalities. The Australian Department of Immigration advises that you do not need OSHC if you are a:

  • Norwegian student covered by the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme
  • Swedish student covered by the National Board of Student Aid or by Kammarkollegiet
  • Belgian student covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia

These countries havea reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia, so they will be covered by the Australian public health system (Medicare).

What does OSHC cover?

At a minimum, OSHC policies must cover the following:

  • the benefit amount listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee for out-of-hospital medical services (for example, a general practitioner)
  • 100 per cent of the MBS fee for in-patient medical services (for example, surgery)
  • public hospital shared ward accommodation
  • private hospital shared ward accommodation (only for hospitals that have contractual arrangements with the overseas student’s health insurer)
  • day surgery accommodation
  • some prosthetic devices
  • pharmaceutical benefits up to $50 per pharmaceutical item to a maximum of $300 a year for a single membership ($600 for a family membership). Overseas students may face significant out of pocket costs if they do not have appropriate coverage for treatment with pharmaceuticals, particularly oncology (cancer) treatment.
  • ambulance services.

What is not covered under OSHC?

OSHC policies cannot cover the following expenses:

  • expenses incurred before arriving in Australia
  • health issued/expenses needed while travelling to or from Australia
  • transportation of an overseas student or dependent into or out of Australia for any reason
  • Which are covered by provisions for compensation and damages such are Workers Compensation etc.

How to compare OSHC policies?

If you are looking for OSHC (overseas student health insurance), you will need to find the insurance provider that provides outstanding value for international students.

As there are a few providers in the market, it is always better to hunt for the best deals you can get and that is where we can help. By clicking on the link - Get a quote, you will be able to compare and find the best policy (in a comparative columnar chart format) and decide what is best for you. We offer you a space where you can compare features and prices for OSHC student health insurance in Australia on the go and buy your policy online within minutes and get it delivered to your inbox. 

Do I have to buy it from the education provider?

Many universities and education providers have a preferred provider deal with a specific insurer. Whilst every student has choice in which OSHC provider they use, we found that many students go with the default option, either because they want the simplest option, or because they were unaware that they had choice.

Firstly, it is important to know that you do have choice  with whom you get your OSHC cover from. You are not obliged to use the OSHC provider your educational provider recommends.

If you decide that the OSHC they recommend is too expensive or doesn’t cover what you want, you are welcome to compare and take the policy from a different insurance provider, as long as your cover with them matches the length of your visa. Check the

OSHC end date requirements and you will be fine. Talk to use. We are more than happy to help.

However, some universities have a Preferred provider in which the students get certain benefits like on-campus claim, bulk-billing facility on campus, on-campus representative visits etc. We certainly appreciate that this service is valuable to a new student in Australia and can provide you with the same policy at a discounted price (with a cash-back feature) in the form of Flexi-eGift cards

You could get up to $80 to spend on the things you like. As soon as you buy your OSHC policy online, we will send you the eGift card within 8-10 business days via email.

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Can I transfer or change OSHC companies?

You can transfer to a different OSHC insurance company anytime. If you paid in advance for your OHSC cover, you can get a refund, but you may have to pay a ‘refund processing fee’, depending on the insurer you are with currently.

You must buy a new OSHC insurance policy before you apply and get a refund from your previous OSHC provider. This is because you must have a valid OSHC insurance for the entire time you are in Australia on a student visa. If you cancel before switching or issuing another policy, then you will be breaching your visa conditions. Most importantly, you will not have to serve the Waiting Periods again after you change your OSHC providers. We are happy to guide you in this process and will try to make it as easy as it can be, if you like.


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OSHC for Australian student visa


Once your policy is issued, you will get your eGift card via email. Please fill in a Claim form, if you haven't received your eGift card within 3-4 weeks.

What is Flext eGift Cards?

If you are not aware of how to calculate the end DATE FOR YOUR oshc policy, please check the link below Calculate your OSHC end date


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OSHC Refund Policy

Please visit the refund policy of each company before issuing the policy as there are certain situations which must be met before a refund for OSHC is issued..READ MORE ABOUT REFUND POLICY and administration charges

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Can I get a better deal?

Yes, if you fill an Enquiry form, we will work on your requirements and get you the best offers/price possible.

How do we get in touch with you?

Our office is based in Perth, Western Australia but work with Bupa across Australia and have our agents network spread around the world. Please feel free to call us at 0400 451 493 / 0438 200 003 or fill the Enquiry Form and we will get in touch

How can Tiara Consultants help me with OVHC cover?

As you complete your studies and would be looking at the prospect of taking up temporary residence in Australia under 485, 482 (any working visa), we will be able to help you with the best policy prices, as we are Authorised partner-agent of Bupa and have the best deals.We can also help parents visiting Australia with the OVHC covers with the best deals with Bupa.

Are there any out of pocket expenses?

There is a possibility of an out-of-pocket expenses, even though you have your OSHC cover, as some of the private health fund rebates do not cover the fees charged by the medical practitioners. If you however go to bulk-billing doctors or preferred providers, you could avoid that but it is best if you read all the brochures in the OSHC brochures section-Client Resources and decide. You can also call the insurer directly, if you have any questions before taking the policy.

How can I claim for my OSHC policy?

You are able to claim through the OSHC provider using their own systems/processes and will encourage you to speak with the appropriate provider to understand the process. If you need any assistance, we will be happy to guide you through

Do I get a refund if my visa is refused?

Visa refusal is one of the many reasons where your OSHC is not required anymore and you will be issued with any applicable refund less our administrative charges. If you wish to apply for the refund, we will be happy to show and guide you through the refund process .

Can I get a better deal for Couples and Family OSHC policies?

Yes, you certainly can. We can arrange a great deal if you fill the Enquiry form and attached your CoE and passports along with other information and try to secure better rates due to our wholesale agreement for Bupa Advantage Cover. We get access to the same prices which some Universities offer. Fill your Enquiry and we will get in touch with you soon.

Can I get a better deal for Couples and Family OSHC policies?

Yes, you certainly can. We can arrange a great deal if you fill an Enquiry form and attach your CoE and passports along with other information and try to secure better rates due to our wholesale agreement for Bupa Advantage Cover. We get access to the same prices which some Universities offer. Fill an Enquiry Form  and we will get in touch with you soon and send you an official quotation.

Which OSHC providers do we deal with?

We deal with all the major OSHC providers such as CBHS, AHM, Medibank, NIB, Bupa and Allianz. Our competitive OSHC prices offers you with an advantage to get the best deals for us. and you will also get the Flexi eGift cards (only for a limite time offer)