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Overseas Visitors Health Cover-Bupa

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Can I get a better deal?
Yes, if you fill an Enquiry form, we will work on your requirements and get you the best offers/price possible.
How do we get in touch with you?

Our office is based in Perth, Western Australia but work with Bupa across Australia and have our agents network spread around the world. Please feel free to call us or fill the Enquiry and we will get in touch

For further OVHC FAQ's page of Bupa - click here

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What does Bupa Specialist mean?
You get a Dedicated Bupa Specialist
When you buy your Bupa Overseas Visitor's health cover from Tiara Consultants, you will be persionlay assigned with a  <br> Specialist Bupa officer, who will be at your service and help you with any policy concerns/queries/questions
Imagine not having to queue up in the office or to wait on unlimited hold time on the phones/call centre to ask a simple question.  If you decide to buy the Bupa's policy, you not only get the best deals, but you will also be rest assured that there is someone to take care of you for your policy needs
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How can Tiara Consultants help me with OVHC cover?
As you complete their studies and would be looking at the prospect of taking up temporary residence in Australia under 485, 482 (any working visa), we will be able to help you with the best OVHC policy prices (discounted up to 5%), as we are Authorised partner-agent of Bupa and get you the best deals.
There is a mis-conception that going to an agent will cost you more, rather, the discounts we provide is not available elsewhere. We can do so due to volume of business we create, and get the best deals to offer to you
We can also help parents visiting Australia on their sc600 visa - OVHC covers with the offer you won't believe. Call us and speak about what we can offer.
How do I know which is the right health insurance cover for me?
We're here to help you select the right health cover for your needs.Bupa has an extensive range of overseas visitors cover and private health insurance options, including 457 visa health insurance. If you'd like to do your own research, this website contains lots of information about different health covers to suit a range of budgets and lifestyles, plus you can join online.If you'd feel more comfortable talking to someone about your options, please don't hesitate to call us on 134 135 from within Australia, or +61 3 9487 6400 from outside of Australia.Bupa's opening hours are: 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 1pm Saturday (All times in AEST)You can call us anytime to discuss at 0400 451 493
Can I get a better deal for Couples and Family OSHC policies?
Yes, you certainly can. We can arrange a great deal if you fill an Enquiry form and attach your CoE and passports along with other information and try to secure better rates due to our wholesale agreement for Bupa Advantage Cover. We get access to the same prices which some Universities offer. Fill an Enquiry Form  and we will get in touch with you soon and send you an official quotation.
Which OSHC providers do we deal with?
We deal with all the major OSHC providers such as CBHS, AHM, Medibank, NIB, Bupa and Allianz. Our competitive OSHC prices offers you with an advantage to get the best deals for us. and you will also get the Flexi eGift cards (only for a limite time offer)