There are millions of people living outside their country of origin. Some travel to Australia as a visitor other travel for work and meet their relatives. While most Australian residents are eligible for Medicare, under which you can be treated in a public hospital, at no charge, the non-Australian residents, who are visiting or working in Australia needs an Overseas Visitors health insurance Cover, so that if any unexpected medical emergency occurs while they are in Australia, an Overseas Visitors health insurance Cover will give them greater control over their treatment.

One might think that getting an Overseas Visitors Health Insurance/cover is optional, however, one must note that if you are a Visa 457 or Visa 485 applicant, OVHC is compulsory.

Overseas Visitors health insurance Cover is high-priced, however, in reality, insurance providers like Bupa have designed an array of affordable and quality packages that covers your needs. An added extra cover assists an insurer to get more in the existing package thereby achieving and maintaining better health.  You may purchase a single, couples, families, or single parents’ health insurance to obtain optimum health coverage that suits your pocket. Apart from this, there are exciting rewards and discounts given to the members.

It is often expected that everyone can get a rebate, however, one has to note that if you are from a nation with a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with Australia, have a Reciprocal Medicare card, opted for and extra cover on your overseas visitors cover, and have purchased a basic reciprocal health cover you are entitled to receiving a rebate.

An Overseas Visitors Health Insurance not only covers for the general ailments, however, if you have a Bupa’s Member first platinum one can get a regular dental check-up and more at no cost at all.

One expects that an overseas visitors health insurance doesn’t cover for kids, but surprisingly if you are covered with Bupa’s Member First Platinum you pay nothing for kids on most dental, chiro, physio, podiatry consultations and other selected optical packages up to yearly limits.

One expects the overseas visitors health insurance to cover only the general ailments and treatments, nevertheless, one must note that these days’ overseas visitors health insurance companies also offer insurance for natural therapies.

People have an opinion that an Overseas Visitors Health Insurance will cover all medical expenses, however, one must note that there are several limitations or exclusion to it. It means that you may not avail of any benefits towards your hospital, medical, and prosthesis costs, and you may have significant out-of-pocket expenses. These limits or exclusions differ from package to package.

Selecting a right overseas visitors health insurance is considered to be overwhelming to some, however, the correct insurance provider can not only advice but guide you to purchase the best cover for you so that you may lead a stress-free life.

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