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Thanks for visiting Tiara Consultants, your one-stop-shop for all OSHC policies, whether it is Single, Couples or Family. Once you fill this form below, you will receive an official quotation with the best deal we can get for you on your sub-class 500 health insurance needs.

There are special rates for Couples and Family OSHC requirements. Do yourself a favour and check the quote first before buying it from somewhere else. You can check the details of the Bupa Advantage OSHC policy HERE 

If you are an Education consultant/migration agent/our partner-agent, please fill our OSHC Enquiry form for Agents

If you are a Student and looking for a policy, please continue below

For OSHC records and also to deliver the policy via email.
This is the address where OSHC membership card will be sent
This will be used in the quotation specific to the client
You can choose Single policy from any of the 6 OSHC providers but for Couples and Family policy, we provide the best deal with Bupa OSHC (called the Bupa Advantage OSHC Cover - Visit http://bit.ly/bupaOSHCadv)
You will find the details of ANZ . Business Advantage account of Tiara Consultants in your quotation or visit https://www.tiaraconsultants.com.au/client-resources/bank-account-details/
We need to know the start date of the policy. The end date will be calculated based on their CoE, as per the visa requirements. Other wise, please state the date you want it to end below.
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Please provide your CoE/Offer Letter, so we can provide you with the correct quote based on the visa requirements. It also confirms that this is a genuine enquiry for our office to work on. If you have multiple CoE, please atttach the FIRST and the LAST one.
Please state the date you want it to end. If you are unsure, please speak to your agent who is lodging your visa or refer to the document in our website at -https://www.tiaraconsultants.com.au/calculate-oshc-end-date/
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Passport number will be required to issue the policy
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Passport details will be required to include the dependants in the policy and for the quotation - like names and dob.
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You can select more than one options, if it applies
If you have any particular medical conditions or you wish to have the policy contain certain important coverage or features or anything important you wish to advise etc please specify in detail.IMP: Importantly for Couples and Family policies, if you haven't attached the passports above, please provide the NAMES, DOB, GENDER, RELATIONSHIP of the DEPENDANTS if you haven't attached the passports above



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