There is a general consensus that Private Health Insurance is broken and should be scrapped in its current form and should be replaced by a single health insurer. This is want our health economists and policy experts have to say.

It is found that private health insurance is getting unaffordable nowadays and many people drop their cover of policies, finding it as useless for their health care and they just have it to avoid the government Medicare levy surcharges.

According to the consumer health forum, private health insurance lacks in satisfying their basic customer health needs and they add unnecessary stuff, which is of no benefit to the customer. Some are of the opinion that private health should support by reducing the pressure from the government..

But having a single health insurer is the best option as it might help consumer to choose what they want as per their specific requirements.  All the health insurance providers, as have now started offering, should have similar products such as gold, silver and bronze levels. It then becomes a choice amongst all these three level, which does not confuse consumers with such varied components to choose from and they can control their budgets and needs.

What do you think about this. We would love to share your comments and ideas and get into a engaging conversation.

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