What does Bupa Specialist mean?

You get a Dedicated Bupa Specialist
When you buy your Bupa Overseas Visitor’s health cover from Tiara Consultants, you will be persionlay assigned with a  <br> Specialist Bupa officer, who will be at your service and help you with any policy concerns/queries/questions
Imagine not having to queue up in the office or to wait on unlimited hold time on the phones/call centre to ask a simple question.  If you decide to buy the Bupa’s policy, you not only get the best deals, but you will also be rest assured that there is someone to take care of you for your policy needs
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Which other OVHC providers do you deal with?

We deal with the best OVHC provider in the market – Bupa. You will generally notice during a random social discussion, that 60% to 70% prefer Bupa as their preferred OVHC provider when it comes to Visitors Policy-whether it is for parents visiting Australia or for any working covers needed for TR.
In OVHC, we only deal with Bupa to provide the best deals for our customers. Click on the link above and get the policy delivered in minutes.