Which other OSHC providers do you deal with?

We deal with all the major OSHC providers such as CBHS, AHM, Medibank, NIB, Bupa and Allianz.  Our competitive OSHC prices offers us an advantage to provide the best deals for your customers and due to our partnership, you have access to CBHS policies which works as the best for students requiring the cheapest prices for Single OSHC Policy.

Can I get a better deal for Couples and Family OSHC policies?

Yes, you certainly can. We can arrange a great deal if you fill the Enquiry form and attached your CoE and passports along with other information and try to secure better rates due to our wholesale agreement for Bupa Advantage Cover. We get access to the same prices which some Universities offer and you will earn commissions too (starting from 3% for each policy amount) after signing an agreement with us. More business volume will make you eligible for higher commissions in the future.

How can I claim for my OSHC policy?

Your client will be able to claim through the OSHC provider using their own systems/processes and will encourage them to speak with the appropriate provider to understand the process. If they need any assistance, we will be happy to guide them through.

How can Tiara Consultants help me with OVHC cover?

As the student complete their studies and would be looking at the prospect of taking up temporary residence in Australia under 485, 482 (any working visa), you will be able to help them with the best OVHC policy prices (discounted up to 5%), as we are Authorised partner-agent of Bupa and have the best deals.

We can also help parents visiting Australia with the OVHC covers with the best deals with Bupa.

There is a misconception that going to an agent will cost you more, rather, the discounts we provide is not available elsewhere. We can do so due to volume of business we create, and get the best deals to offer to you

We can also help parents visiting Australia on their sc600 visa – OVHC covers with the offer you won’t believe. Call us and speak about what we can offer.

How do you provide such cheap policies?

Due to our association and partnership with the leading health insurance companies/providers/partners, we are able to bring 30%-42% savings for your client’s OSHC costs. Some of the universities might offer the same prices, but you will be able to help your client through us and also earn along the way

How do we get in touch with you?

Our office is based in Perth, Western Australia but work with Bupa across Australia and have our agents network spread around the world. Please feel free to call us directly on 0400 451 493 or fill the Enquiry and we will get in touch.