If you haven’t received your Flexi eGift Card, please use the form below to submit a request and we will get in touch with you soon.

like, say - OSHC / OVC policy details such as date of purchase, policy number, amount of eGift card you are eligible for (if unsure, please consult Tiara Consultants at 0400 451 493)
You can choose to select multiple brands if you like along with various amounts - say you qualify for $80 then you can choose $50 of Myer and $30 of Netflix...that's what 'Freedom of Choice' means. If you want to check how Flexi eGift card is or how it works, please visit https://www.tiaraconsultants.com.au/flexi-egift-cards-list or choose from the bottom of the screen
Please note that Tiara Consultants uses different eGift Cards platforms and it is the decision of the management of Tiara Consultants to decide which platform will be used to send those gift cards and all efforts will be made to help you with your selected 'retailer option'. However, you will get the value as discussed/earned by you.