Migration Agent WA – Rising Star 2019

Awarded to Tiara Consultants for our exemplary efforts and outstanding work as Authorised Bupa Partner-Agent


Please be advised that Tiara Consultants is not a Migration Agent under the Migration Act 1958 and is not using, purporting to use, knowledge of, or experience in migration procedures to provide advice or assistance to any person wishing to obtain an Australian visa. We exclusively cater to the market as Health Insurance consultants, advising the correct health insurance they might want to consider, during their visit in Australia, either as a student or as a visitor. However, we do help by providing referrals to the best migration agents in Australia if you need help with either of these - Apply for Student Visa, Apply for Parent Visa, Apply for Partner Visa, Apply for Skilled Visa or Apply for Visitor Visa


You might also be eligible for eGift cards, if you use our partner-agents for any of the visa when you enrol with them as a client. Decision of Tiara Consultants is final about eligibility and the amount of eGift card you will get, depending on the service you avail.

How to claim your Flexi eGift card?

You should normally receive your eGift card in 3-4 weeks via email. We do not send physical cards out but you will . get it in your inbox. Please check your Junk/Spam folder, just in case.


However, if you haven't received it by the end of week 4, please feel free to send an email to gc@tiaraconsultants.com.au and we will look into it rightaway. Alternatively, you can also call our Accounts Team at 0400 451 493 to discuss.

Please note that the cancellation of your OSHC policy, for whatever reason, would effectively mean that there would be no entitlement to claim an eGift card.

However, if the eGift card has been already delivered/given to your for your OSHC purchase, then you must pay it back upon receiving an invoice from Tiara Consultants. Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Also refer to our Refund policy.

Check out our Testimonials page on how we have helped many families save on their Bupa premiums, without compromising on the quality of the insurance provider they base their trust on. You are given all the options in the current market and you can decide which is best for you.
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