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as our authorised Bupa Partner Agent for Health Insurance

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We are Authorised partner agent of Bupa and can help you with the best deals with any requirements of overseas visitors cover for your parents/family who are either here/coming on a toursit visa under 600, 601, (any non-working visa). We also help covers for working category visitors cover like 485, 482, 489, 457 (any).
We can also provide you the cheapest overseas student health cover - single, couples and families and is suitable for students who come to Australia for studies. We are deal with all 6 health providers in the market for the single policies such as CBHS, AHM, Medibank, Allianz, NIB through our partnership with OSHC Australia.
We would be happy to provide you with a comparison quote for the Singles, Couples and Family OSHC policy. You can choose the policy which is suitable for your needs and you can sign up from start to finish and also pay for your policy through the secured portal. Policy is delivered in a matter of minutes to your inbox.

It is commonly believed that OSHC is only offered by universities/colleges and students must take it from them. However, you can look for the best deals yourselves and tell the education consultant or universities that you will organize your own OSHC policy. For any OSHC policy, we can assure that you will get the best deals due to our partnership with the best provider in the market. If you not satisfied, please do talk to us or tell us your course start date and end date and we will tell you how much your policy will cost. For OSHC quote, you can use the link in the Services above to get a comparison quote instantly and purchase your policy.

We also offer great deals for your parents who are coming to Australia on a Visitors Cover. As we are Authorised agents of Bupa, we are able to offer best deals on Overseas Visitors Cover - from Bupa (for both working and non-working visas)All Working Cover's like 482, 485 , 489, 186 visa etc can get a 5% discount on your policy every month, if you book through us! Use the link in the Services page.
Check out our Testimonials page on how we have helped many families to save on their Bupa premiums, without compromising on the quality of the insurance provider they base their trust on.*our process is 100% flexible, and we can fit this around your schedule. We do not inflate or increase the premiums and also do not mark up the product price. In some instances, there might be an administration fee to get you the best prices on Couples and Family OSHC policies, but at the end you will save a lot more and we can guarantee that. We receive commissions for every OVHC and PHI policy we sell and our services to you is free for those and for all Single OSHC policies. We even provide you with a flexi Egift card for your online OSHC purchase/referrals and for supporting us.Please be advised that Tiara Consultants is not a Migration Agent under the Migration Act 1958 and is not using, purporting to use, knowledge of, or experience in migration procedures to provide advice or assistance to any person wishing to obtain an Australian visa. We exclusively cater to the market as Health Insurance consultants, advising the correct health insurance they might want to consider, during their visit in Australia, either as a student or as a visitor.
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