The world has become a global village with the advent of the technology boom and people are traveling to different parts of the world like never before. In such a scenario, Overseas Visitors insurance becomes mandatory. Overseas Visitors insurance covers all major concerns of a tourist, when it comes to covering them for the unexpected. Here are some interesting facts about Overseas Visitors insurance that you may not have known before.
. If you are on a 457 or 485 visa or any working cover applicant, OVHC could be compulsory.
. Overseas Visitors insurance can render your emergency medical coverage for unexpected sickness, injuries, or accidents that may occur during traveling.
. The Overseas Visitors insurance coverage includes a benefit of general practitioners and specialist appointments at any private hospital in Australia.
. If you crucially need unexpected medical hospitalization during traveling, an Overseas Visitor insurance can cover the costs.
. Some providers offer the insured person with a 100% coverage on ambulance transport and some only cover for urgent ambulance. It is noteworthy that some don’t have ambulance as a part of their cover at all
. In an Overseas Visitors insurance plan, you can avail Pharmacy benefits of up to $300 as a yearly limit. This benefit amount may vary according to the package one chooses.
. Bupa’s health insurance plans with optional covers claims to give you 50% back at any recognized providers for most general dental, optical , physio, chiro, and natural therapies up to the yearly limit chosen by the insurer . The exclusive platinum members are entitled to get free regular dental check-up and more.
. Under Bupa’s Visitors cover package you don’t need to pay for kid’s dental, chiro, physio and podiatry consultations.
. In case you get seriously ill while you are traveling, you can get repatriation cover, which is the coverage of the traveling cost of returning to your home country.
. Health insurance does not cover Luggage and other personal belongings that are lost during traveling. The replacement costs, flight cancellations, delays etc. are not covered with Overseas Visitors insurance and is covered by Overseas Travel Insurance companies
. A natural calamity is beyond one’s control. In such a case, the policyholder will also be taken care of, as this type of insurance covers accommodation, food, and travel costs incited by the delay due to natural calamities.
. If you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control, we can refund your flights and accommodation costs. Due to many unexpected situation trips often get canceled. The flight cost and accommodation cost can be covered if you have Overseas Visitors health insurance.
. Loss of travel documents such as a passport is a common problem faced by many travellers. Coverage of the replacement cost of these types of papers can be done by Overseas Travel insurance and NOT Overseas Health Insurance and only OVHC works with health related issues only.
. In case of any of the above emergency, the Overseas Visitors insurance providers/insurers are ready to assist you 24/7.

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